Tickets to see Mark Lowry are now on sale!

The 13th annual Laugh for Life Gala, at the Winspear Centre on Oct 22, will be an evening of joyful laughter as we raise funds for The Mustard Seed and Kids Kottage.


What our Charities say about LFL

“Through the gift of laughter Laugh for Life has raised awareness on how we can all make a difference in reducing poverty in our community. We are so grateful for the donations raised over the last 13 years as it has helped restore dignity to many individuals and assisted them on their way to a better life.”
~The Mustard Seed

“Each year, the Laugh for Life Gala brings light and laughter into the Edmonton community, proving that laughter truly is the best medicine. It’s one magical night of comedic performances, meeting new people, running into old friends, and having an amazing time, but for us at Kids Kottage, the benefits of that one night last all year. Because of the kindness and hard work of the Laugh for Life volunteers, and the generosity of the guests who attend each year, we are able to continue in our mission to ensure that all of Edmonton’s children have a safe place to stay, no matter what. We are truly honoured to be chosen as one of the charities supported by Laugh for Life and humbled by their continuing support of our cause.”
~Kids Kottage